What is the Stud Fund?



Nowadays, sustainability is an important key to making the world a better place. Does your idea have a sustainable impact on the world. Then you are welcome to apply.



Innovation is another aspect we like to promote. If your idea is innovative you can apply for the STUD Fund.

Social importance@1x2

Social Importance

Do you have an idea that could have a positive impact on the local community or is of social importance? STUD Fund would love to support your plan.

How does the Stud Fund work?

Here you see the roadmap for a fund request



When you fill in the fund request, it will be discussed in the monthly meeting.



After your request is discussed you will receive a follow-up with an invitation to sign the contract at our office.



After the contract has been signed we will receive photos and text from you to show what STUD has enabled within your project.



As soon as the money has been spent, you can send your invoice to STUD. We will process it and the process has been completed

Fill in your information

Before you will apply, please check if your idea meets the criteria below. Firstly, fill in the application form which you can upload below. Both Dutch or English writing is fine.

  • How many (TU) students are reached by contributing to this project?
  • To what extent is Stud Fund necessary for the execution of the project?
  • What is the duration of the project?
  • Is it an one-off initiative or is the investment lasting for a longer period of time?
  • Stud's logo must be shown on promotion materials of the supported project Stud Fund only supports one-off contributions.
  • Stud Fund does not commit to long-term contracts
  • Stud Fund does not support personal costs, for example, (flight) tickets, acommodation, food, etc.
  • Stud Fund only grants amounts to legal persons, not to natural persons
  • Responsibility of the organisation and execution of the project is yours
  • In order to pay the granted amount, Stud Fund needs proof of payment/receipts on what the sponsored money is spent
  • The applicants may not receive study credits for the project



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