• 16/01/2023

    First Stud Academy lecture of 2023!

    Timo Hans will talk about stress in your student life

    On Blue Monday, the 16th of january, the first Stud Academy lecture will take place. Timo Hans will talk about stress and how to change your mindset to a positive one. With the Stud Mental Health week  in february (27th - 3rd of march), this will be the first of many moments to take a pause and think about mental health. 

    The lecture will be in the DOK, starting from 19:30, there is a possibilty do have a drink afterwards and ask some question.

    Applications are on the @studacademy instagram.

    See you on monday!

  • 30/05/2022

    Study Academy lecture about China

    Ruben Terlou talks about 'Chinese dreams'!

    On Monday 30 May, we are organising a lecture and interview with Ruben Terlou at Pathé! 

    The evening will start at 20:00. Photographer and China expert Ruben Terlou will first give a lecture on 'Chinese Dreams': how does China see its future on the world stage? And vice versa, how does the world look at China? Economic growth, human rights, the new Silk Road: there is much to discuss. That is why Ruben will be interviewed during the second part of the evening about his travels and his career. There will also be plenty of room for your questions. It will last until approximately 22:00. You want to be there, so register for free!

  • 2/03/2022

    Stud Academy lecture on smoking

    Wanda de Kander and Faberyayo at the Oude kerk!

    Do you or people around you smoke and want to know more about what lies behind this industry? Then come to the STUD Academy lecture on 2 March about tobacco addiction and how "the blame for addiction lies with the criminal tobacco industry, not with those who are addicted". Also, speakers Wanda de Kanter (a.o. Long doctor and Activist) and Faberyayo (a.o. of Jeugd van Tegenwoordig) will talk about their own experience with addiction and the stigmas surrounding it.

  • 3/07/2021

    Vjeze Fur cooking workshop


    Vjeze Fur cooking workshop

    Get hungry with Fjeze Fur! 

    On Monday 15 June, Fjeze Fur will take us into his culinary world and provide us with an hour full of tasty jokes, quiz questions and ultimately a delicious meal on your own dining table. 

  • 29/04/2021

    The second Stud Academy event

    One celebrity and one professional 

    The second Stud Academy event is coming up! Put 29 April in your agenda and come to our new event! An interactive session presented by Daan Boom and accompanied by an expert. 

  • 18/02/2021

    Claying with Ellie Lust

    Claying with Ellie Lust

    Ellie Lust, known for her police background and Wie Is De Mol! An interactive lecture of one hour where Ellie dresses with us, shares her experiences and answers all your questions!

  • 5/05/2019

    Wanderlust with Floortje Dessing

    Get a wanderlust

    Make you wish you were anywhere but where you are... 
    The third edition of Stud Academy will be held on 5 June. Get your free tickets via the Facebook event, and make sure you are at this lecture by Floortje Dessing!

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