Person of confidence


Do you have questions or complaints about undesirable behavior or integrity?
As an employee of Stud or as a temporary worker for Stud you can contact our external
person of confidence, Marianne Langhout.
It is important that you enjoy going to work as an employee of Stud or as a temporary worker for Stud. Fortunately, in most cases, employees or temporary workers of Stud are happy.
Yet it can happen that something unpleasant happens or that there is a situation that you do not feel comfortable with and that you want to talk to someone about.
Because Stud is a temporary employment agency, it can therefore be a situation within Stud itself, but also a situation at the organization where you work as a temporary worker. Usually, this organization has its own confidential advisor. You then have the choice to go to the person of confidence of that organization or to the confidential adviser of Stud.
It is always about undesirable behavior; that is, behavior that you experience as undesirable or forced. This is not about how the perpetrator means it, but about how the recipient experiences it. However harmless it may seem, it can have serious consequences for the recipient.
Unwanted behavior can occur in various forms; verbal, non-verbal and physical.
A few examples:
  • (Sexual) intimidation: this can be, for example, ambiguous jokes, pawing, prolonged staring or spying;
  • Bullying: bullying or exclusion, not only in the workplace but also via the internet. Bullying language but also ignoring someone, excluding someone;
  • Discrimination: to discriminate against someone on the basis of sexual orientation, age, origin, sex or religion. In short, all cases where a difference is made between people while this is not allowed;
  • Aggression: concerns physical but also verbal violence. Intimidating behavior, such as being close to someone, can also sometimes come across as very aggressive;
  • Integrity: you can think of fraud, corruption or theft. If you have heard or seen something which seems not alright, you can discuss this with the person of confidence.