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Motown Movement

The Motown Movement is a non-profit organization started and run by students from the Delft University of Technology. They are supported by professional specialists from the Delft University of Technology as well as corporate businesses. Together they all support the movement with its ultimate mission: to fight climate change by making sustainable housing accessible for everyone.

We do this by developing and sharing low-budget, DIY methods to create sustainable housing. To test these methods, we are rebuilding a run-down house in 'Hope Village', Detroit, into an energy-efficient home that serves as our proof of concept. The home also serves as a showcase for our methods and as a community hub for the local residents. Together with Hope Village Revitalization (a local nonprofit that focuses on rebuilding Hope Village) the Stud Fund and everyone that supports our cause, we are trying to make sustainable housing accessible for everyone!

Need more inspiration?

Take a look at all the ideas other students have. But watch out, maybe you'll get an awesome idea of your own!

  • Delft Hyperloop

    This year we at Delft Hyperloop tried to make a giant innovative leap by trying to levitate as the first hyperloop team in history. We are using a Hybrid-Electromagnetig system (H-EMS) that combines the powers of permanent magnets and electromagnets. This system is carrying the complete 255kg of the pod and has some very sensitive equipment. Even a few millimeters offset to the track can disrupt the whole functionality of the system. For this reason we check multiple thousand times per second what this offset is, since we want to stay in the optimal range. The concept of H-EMS has been known for longer, but this is the first implementation of it in a student hyperloop prototype. Thanks to Stud for helping us fund this part, and making sure we can bring new innovations to the European Hyperloop Week competition every year.

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  • Project March x Stud

    Project MARCH is a TU Delft | Dream team of 26 students working on the development of an innovative exoskeleton. An exoskeleton is a robotic suit that provides support, enabling someone with a complete spinal cord injury to get up and walk again. Every year, new aspects are added to improve the quality and user-friendliness of the suit. The first five teams focused on the Cybathlon, an international competition in which people with disabilities compete against each other to overcome everyday obstacles.

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