Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find an answer to your question. If you don't see your question, send us an email at


You have the right to claim hours you missed that would have been in the notification period of 4 days. After these days you do not have the right on these hours. You can discuss this with your employer.

First of all, you should stay at home! Get in touch with your local doctor and let Stud and your employer know you have the coronavirus. Being transparent about your health contributs to the national situation concerning the coronavirus. 

If your workspace is still opened your employer made the consideration that it is is safe and responsible to work. Stud advises you to look at your own situation in a critical way. If you feel ill, let both Stud and the company you work at know! Also when you feel uncomfortable in your workspace, please let the supervisor in your workplace know you feel this way. Stud has encouraged all employers to make working from home possible.

Registration at Stud

The vacancies on our 'Work' page are open for everyone interested. This means you do not have to be registered at Stud to respond to one of these vacancies. The same is true for our Availability List: everyone wishing to receive emails about short-term job vacancies can do so. 

Only after you get accepted into a job, you are requested to come by our office in order to complete your registration. Please be sure to fill in the Signup-page before your registration at 

Registration takes place in our office on campus. You only need to bring your passport/ID and bank account information to the registration. Please be sure to fill in the Signup-page before your registration at 
Yes, all jobs we offer are paid! The specific earnings are shown on the vacancy-page on our website. 


If you are sick and you cannot work that day, you have to call both Stud and the employer between 09:00 and 09:30. By calling us, we can find a replacement for your job. 

Questions related to the Dutch payroll-tax decuction ('loonheffingskorting')

In the Netherlands, you can obtain discount on your payroll-tax. In the most simple terms, this means that the first €7.074,- you earn a year, are tax-free.

Enabling your payroll-tax deduction means less tax will be withheld from your paychecks. You will end up with a higher net salary.

Not enabling your payroll-tax deduction means more tax is withheld from your paychecks. This doesn't mean that you have to pay the taxes: you'll receive the total amount back when filing for tax reduction with your annual income tax returns.

You can choose to enable your payroll-taxes deduction yourself during registration.

Come by our office! Here you can fill in the specific form, so we can turn off your payroll-tax deduction in our system for you. 

The government will start requiring you to pay taxes as soon as you earn more than a certain threshold. This can be a certain amount in a week (> €136,04), or a certain amount in a quarter-year (>€1.768,50). As soon as you cross this threshold, we'll start paying taxes for you.

For more information visit the Dutch government website: Dutch Tax Tables

Hour sheets and hourly wage

If your account is not yet linked, you cannot see your hour sheets in the portal. In this case, it's best to send an e-mail directly to the accountmanager who published the vacancy, so that he/she can solve the inconvenience immediately.
When you fill in your hours in the portal, a notification is sent to your employer to approve your hours. When your employer approves your hours before Tuesday, you will be paid on Wednesday. Sometimes it takes an employer a bit longer to approve your hours, due to circumstances. This causes the delay in your weekly payments. For clarification regarding the approval of your hours, it's best for you to ask your employer directly.

Reservations are a combination of different posts. It contains vacation money, short term absence and the money you receive for public holidays. For Phase 1&2, these posts are paid weekly and once per quarter your vacation days will be paid . Once you reach a 3rd or 4th phase contract you will receive your vacation money weekly. However, all other posts are not paid weekly. For instance, when you want your vacation days paid you must request it at Stud.


For Phase 1&2 these weekly reservations make up about 20% of your hourly wage. For Phase 3&4 these weekly reservations make up about 10% of your hourly wage.

Availability List

First of all, make sure you reply fast. To give everybody a fair chance on receiving a job offer, we use the principle: First come, first serve. Also reply with an appropriate email. An appropriate email consist out of the following parts:

    1. Confirmation on the dates you can work;
    2. Confirmation on the skills that are required for the job;
    3. Your full name is mentioned in the email.
Underneath every e-mail sent over the Availability List is an unsubscribe link. This will remove you from the mailing list. The link reads 'Afmelden'. 

Referral bonus

If you work at Stud and bring a friend who works for Stud for 30 hours, you will receive a €20 voucher to spend at Brouwplein!
  • If you nominate a new flexworker, the nominee must be employed by Stud or have worked for Stud in the past.
  • When registering, the new flexworker must indicate by whom they have been nominated by giving the name of the nominator.
  • The new flexworker must first have worked 30 hours for Stud before receiving the reward.
  • Nominations can be made until 1 January 2022.
  • Hours worked can be made until 1 March 2022.
  • The voucher can be collected at Stud until 1 April 2022 by the applicant.
  • The voucher has no expiry date and can only be used at Brouwplein (Café de Oude Jan and Delfts Brouwhuis).
  • The voucher must be spent in one go at one of the two catering outlets.