Why should you choose for Stud?

Many of our clients recognize the following problem: important but non-urgent tasks that just don't make it to the to-do list. These tasks have to be done, but you just don't find the time or have the knowledge. These tasks can end at the bottom of your priority list. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a student. Whether full-time, part-time, for a project or even just for a day, students work flexibly, quickly and smartly. Your to-do list will be finished before you know it!

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Competent knowledge

With their technical background, our students can be hired for specific jobs. Their strong analytical skills enable them to handle many different jobs. In addition, they learn quickly, which saves time with guidance

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Our students can also be used for other kind of jobs. Because students are eager to learn, they learn new skills easily. Therefore they can do the job the right way in no time.


What does Stud stand for?


For and by

Stud is the largest student employment agency in Delft. Every year, 1000 new students register with Stud, which means that we have a large poule of technical top students at our disposal. Stud is run by seven students from Delft University of Technology, which ensures the connection between students and business community.

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Stud is a non-profit organisation, which means we're giving all of our profit back to the students in Delft! We fund a large range of student initatiatives, from smaller initiatives to large sustainable projects such as Hyperloop and the Vattenfall Solar Team.


Corporate social responsibility

At Stud corporate social responsibility is an important factor in doing business. We have a CSR quality mark. Further, we aim at giving our employees the right pay and work environment. If something doesn't feel right they can approach our trustee with their problem.

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