Mathematical cryptographic engineer

This company is a young ambitious company trying to make the world safer with tools and services. They focus on high-assurance cryptographic solutions. They focus on three pillars. 1. Mobile Cyber security 2. IoT Cyber Security and 3. Critical Communications. They combine hardware and sofrware to achieve optimal security. Their solutions are forensically demonstrably safe and protected against current attack methods from cyber criminals, digital extremists and state actors.

You'll earn
This is your bruto hourly wage, you will receive additional (periodic) reservations of about 20%. (See FAQ for more info)

Starts as soon as possible
Location: Den Haag
Type: IT / Programming

Job description

This vacancy is also now available, during Corona.

This company is looking for a very experienced engineer with coding experience and studying in the field mathematics / quantum / cryptography. They are in development of a secure communication platform that requires next level security, database management, key management and code development.

They are in rapid development of a cross-platform communication platform.


You can work from home, or at the office. You will work for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Skills needed

You have experience of:

  • WebRTC
  • Javascript
  • Databases
  • Mathematics
  • Cryptography
  • API's, NodeJS

And at least one of thos code languages:

  • Javascript
  • QT
  • Java
  • Swift
File name
File name
If you still have a question about the job, contact Joëlle. She is in charge of this application so she knows everything about it