Front-end Developer!

This company is a startup consisting of enthusiastic engineers and scientists putting their heart into developing software to achieve full autonomous shipping. Their office and test-area is located in the busiest port of Europe, Rotterdam.

This company has been paving the way for ship-autonomy since 2017. From the start of their journey until now they have achieved many milestones. Last year they demonstrated remote-control on a Watertaxi and showed autonomous operations on the Borkum (one of their test vessels).

To further their current goals we need your help! They’re on the precipice of incorporating our perception stack and they need you to, among other things, further develop our cloud platform to manage and visualize their services and ship data which will enable them to get to the next stage in their journey.

You'll earn
This is your hourly wage before taxes, you will receive additional (periodic) reservations of about 20% (See FAQ for more info)

Starts as soon as possible
Location: Rotterdam
Type: IT / Programming

Job description

What you'll be doing:

  • Designing and implementing a user interface for management and visualization of ship fleets, their sensors and our implemented autonomy data.
  • Build a platform that is intuitive to use and new features that are easy to learn.
  • Work closely with machine learning engineers to enable R&D efforts and improve existing systems.
  • Drive best practices in our React frontend solution.

Preferred (and not mandatory) skills:

  • Experience working with React
  • Experience working with Node.js
  • Experienced with Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with SQL databases.


Flexible hours with a minimum of 16 hours per week.

Skills needed

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent real world experience.
  • Experience developing frontend applications with javascript frameworks.
  • Capability to design and create user interfaces including graphical elements and CSS implementations.
  • Ability to communicate English professionally
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If you still have a question about the job, contact Koen. He is in charge of this application so he knows everything about it