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Nuijten beheer B.V. is looking for an Electrical Engineering student to calculate the effectiveness of bicycle motors! Can you calculate the effect of an integrated cardan shaft within two weeks? Then you are our candidate!

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Location: Delft
Type: Engineering

Job description

The calculation is needed for the following question

The question is whether a bicycle electric motor directly integrated with a cardan shaft can indeed be more compact and lighter without compromising performance/efficiency (it becomes a longer motor with smaller diameter). Of course, it should not perform less than the known motors (on the wheel and in the middle).

  • The following analysis is the rationale behind the question:
  • The size of the Bosch motor and its gearing, are a good reference. The Bosch motor rotates 5.82x faster than the bottom bracket.
  • Bottom bracket speed = 92 for maximum speed. So motor speed 92x5.82 = 535 RPM
  • The cardan shaft rotates 92 x 3.118 = 287 RPM
  • The motor can be equipped with a planetary and a parallel gear (oversize 20) which will make the motor spin 5740 RPM.
  • This will make the motor much more compact and lighter than a Bosch, so the question is whether it would be noticeable at all if it were mounted on the cardan housing instead of in front of the bottom bracket. Motor behind provides a higher efficiency for the pedal drive.

Do you think you can be of added value in this matter? Then react quickly!


Expected: You can complete the job between 2-4 days. You can spread these days over a two-week period. The job can be completed at home.

Skills needed

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Familiar with direct current
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If you still have a question about the job, contact Maureen. She is in charge of this application so she knows everything about it