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The Stud Fund
Great, we want to know your idea! But before you will apply, please check of your idea meets the criteria below.

The objective of Stud Fund is stimulating innovative ideas from local students. We are looking for ideas that will make our world a better place, by scoring high on either sustainability, entrepreneurship and/or social importance.

  • Social importance: Does the project serve social interest?
  • Entrepreneurship: Does the project stimulates entrepreneurship among students?
  • Sustainability: Does the project contribute to a more sustainable society?

  • How many (TU) students are reached by contributing to this project?
  • To what extent is Stud Fund necessary for the execution of the project?
  • What is the duration of the project? Is it an one-off initiative or is the investment lasting for a longer period of time?
  • Stud's logo must be shown on promotion materials of the supported project
  • Stud Fund' does not enter into contracts. Preference will be given to one-off contributions.
  • Stud Fund does not support must personal costs, for example, (flight) tickets, acommodation, food, etc.
  • Stud Fund only grants amounts to legal persons, not to natural persons
  • Responsibility of the organisation and execution of the project is yours
  • In order to pay the granted amount, Stud Fund needs proof of payment/receipts on what the sponsored money is spended
  • The applicants may not receive study credits for the project
Let's start!

Firstly, fill in the application form which you can upload below. Both Dutch or English writing is fine.

Fill in your information
Following steps of your request
What's next?

If you have uploaded your information, the Stud Fund will discuss your request in their monthly meeting. After you've uploaded your request, you will receive a confirmation email with the date of the next meeting.

The next upcoming meeting will be on December 18th 2019.

If your request is approved, you are ask to fill in the contract form which you can find here:

And here you can find the logo of Stud to use as agreed:

Get sponsored by Stud!
Great, we want to know your idea! But before you fill in the form, please check the criteria below.
  • Please be as precise as you can be, when filling in the form;
  • Application should be handed in at least 2 weeks before your idea/event starts;
  • After the event, you have to send prove of your idea to your person of contact (e.g. a picture, example, etc.);
  • This prove of your idea, can later be published on the Stud Ideas page;
  • When borrowing materials of Stud (e.g. banners, merchandise, etc.), the applicant is responsible that the materials are picked up at the Stud office and brought back within two days after the event (discuss the details of borrowing and returning with your person of contact);
  • The person of contact of Stud receives the invoice within four weeks.
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