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Why StuD

StuD for students

  • StuD gets you in touch with interesting employers
  • StuD pays you on a weekly basis
  • StuD finances student projects
  • StuD organises parties and other events
  • StuD works with the collective agreement of the NBBU

StuD for employers

  • On a yearly basis 1500 technical students enroll at StuD
  • StuD is located at the heart of the campus of the Delft University of Technology
  • StuD offers a broad range of students: for small jobs and technical jobs
  • StuD is lightning fast

What is the story?

About Who and What

Who's StuD?

StuD is the job agency led by and created for technical students in Delft. The changing board of StuD consists of seven students, who spend a fulltime year handling the daily operations. StuD has an enormous group of young, competent TU Delft students that can be placed effectively. This way you are always better off choosing StuD.

What does StuD?

StuD is a nonprofit organisation. To ensure that StuD has a healthy management, we do make a profit. This profit is later on spent on projects that are set up by students of the TU Delft. Within StuD, the StuD Fund is responsible for this.

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at the employment agency led by and created for students in Delft